Sunday, September 27, 2015

14 September 2015 - Goodbye, Blendtec!

 Hello Everyone!

So this week was a crazy one. First off, my Companion, Elder Hansen, got E.T. (Emergency Transferred) out to McCook Nebraska which is way out west. Goodbye, Blendtec!  My new companion, Elder Ferguson, had a seizure and needed to be closer to more sophisticated medical facilities instead of being out in the boonies. It was a long trip for me on Thursday...four hours to get there and and another four hours back. So that was most of our day that Thursday.  

Elder Ferguson and I are getting a long great. I don't know what it is with me, but I have been part of several E.T's. while I've been out, none because of either my companion or me, but rather some other missionary that has had something happen. At least this time I stayed in my same area. 

Sad news, the investigator that we thought was doing so well dropped us last night. He said he is more of a "non-denominational kind of guy" Which, I guess if that's where he feels closest to God that's where he should go. It's always hard to see someone go after you have been teaching them for awhile. I wish the best for him and this upcoming week is going to be full of more "finding" activities for us. We said goodbye to a lot of our investigators that were not progressing or wanting to make commitments. I hope that in the future, when other missionaries find them, or they interact with members of the church, that they will be more ready to commit. 

Other than all that transfer stuff, not a whole lot has happened. People are still nice to us at the door even though BYU beat Nebraska in the game. I was worried that people wouldn't like us to much after that but it seems like they have gotten over it for the most part. ;)

To answer mom's question, all the food here has been really good. I haven't had any weird foods since Sheridan,  surprisingly.  And as for the winters here, I'm told are not nearly as bad as the ones out in Minnesota or South Dakota; they say there isn't a lot of wind so I'm expecting more mild conditions, I should be fine.

Love you guys!

Elder Rasmussen

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