Sunday, May 10, 2015

4 May 2015 - Sour Cream is the new Whipped Cream and Birdseye!

Hello everyone!
I had quite the week this week...we had a few funny things happen.  First off, we were at a member's house eating dinner and we were eating dessert. Well, of course they practically made us have seconds, so we took it. We had pound cake with raspberries and whiped cream! It was really good until I got to my second helping. Part of the main course was potatoes with sour cream as a condiment.  So thinking that I was putting whipped cream on my dessert, I actually put sour cream on in error (they were in similar, unmarked containers).  As I spooned it on, I was thinking, man...this whipped cream got really thick all of a sudden. I took a big ol' bite of dessert and just stopped. My companion looked over at me with a weird look and then I spat it out on the plate. All eyes were on me as I said, "Sour cream does not taste as good as whipped cream!" Everyone around the table erupted with laughter as I downed two glasses of punch to keep from gagging and throwing up. 
Another thing that happened to my companion was that a bird thought he looked like a good target and hit the mark!  As we were walking along my companion said, " I think someone just spat on me." I looked over and he had bird poo falling from his cheek and onto his shirt.  I lost it laughing.  Needless to say, he was pretty upset that he got crapped on so we went back to the apartment so he could change.

My first meeting with the new Mission President in Sioux Falls, SD was alright but didn't go as I had hoped.  He seemed annoyed after interviewing my companion, and as a result, I didn't feel like my interview was very positive either.  Honestly, I left feeling discouraged and sad, but I'm over it now.  The only really big change in rules is that the new mission has a  Mo-Tab only rule for music, at least for now.  It's kind of a bummer, but I'll adjust.  Love you!  Elder Rasmussen