Sunday, August 30, 2015

24 August 2015 - No, the Mormons don't own Pepsi

Greetings from Omaha!

Well it has been another great week out companion and I went tracting for about 5 hours one day and the Lord blessed us with four new potentials whom we hope to start teaching this week! 

As far as transfers go, I'm still in the same area with the same companion...which is fine. I love it here though we are guessing that this will be his last transfer in the area. I keep getting the feeling that a new opportunity will be coming next transfer which kind of makes me excited, but at the same time, I'm a little nervous about it. 

The other day my comp and I went back to the same exciting neighborhood (as last week's fight) to teach a lesson and this black guy comes up to us TOTALLY smashed, and tries to talk to us. We shared the first lesson with him though I doubt he will remember anything. It was funny though, 'cause the whole time we were teaching, anytime my companion tried to say something, the guy would cut him off and say, "I..I..I..can't understand you! Let your friend say it...he (me) speaks in a way that I can errrr..understand yeah..yeah!" That was a pretty fun experience, though my companion didn't feel great that the guy would not drop the fact that he couldn't understand him. 

We also met another guy who was trying to convince us that the Mormons own Pepsi, "yet we can't drink caffeine." I said, "Sir, we don't own Pepsi and yes, we can drink caffeine, it's just advised that we stay away from addictive substances....some members of the church do drink caffeinated sodas." He was very adamant that we did own Pepsi and continued trying to argue with us.. So we discussed the matter for about 10 minutes while he tried to look it up online and then he finally reads out loud, "No, the Mormon's don't own Pepsi." He was like, "Well, crap...20 years of my life I have been lied to!  You guys want a Coke?" Ha!

As for Mom's question of the week....our mission doesn't have iPad's yet--the North American rollout seems to be going slower than everyone expected, and by the time we do, it will probably almost be time for me to come home.  I'm pretty comfortable without them, using them would certainly be a change.  I'm sure I'd get used to it, but thinking about it makes me a little nervous.

Well love you guys a ton! Have a great week!

Elder Rasmussen

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