Sunday, March 29, 2015

23 March 2015 - A Million, no a Billion!

We had a super awesome week! We attended another baptism yesterday! It was kind of crazy because it felt like we were doing a million different things and all of it during church so it was hard to focus on the spirit and worshiping when we were doing what seemed like a billion administrative  things getting ready for the baptism.
Things are really going well here in Marshall. I think I finally understand why I ended up here. It is amazing how things will happen so that you end up where God wants you to be. I believe that I will be here one more transfer but I'll make sure I let you guys know what happens with transfers and what mission I end up in, and all that jazz.
So you know how spring officially started on Friday? Yeah, well, it didn't snowed pretty hard last night. Hopefully, that will be the last of the snow for the year but everyone tells me not to hold my breath...and that it could very likely snow again in April. 
The good people of MN seem to get injured often and always seem to be having surgery. It seems like nearly every door we knock on the person answering says, "Not right now, my husband/wife just had surgery and I don't think it would be a good time." (When all my companion and I can think is..."Great! So since you aren't doing anything productive right now anyway, it would be a great time talk about the Savior and having the Gospel in your life!" Ha!) So, either people like to use that as excuse, or everyone gets surgery (for various reasons) here in MN all at the same time.  Maybe it's a great winter activity?!?

Of all the silly things I miss in "civilian life," I'd have to say Fresh Prince! That TV show made me laugh every time I watched it.
Crazy that Chandler will be coming home soon. It seems like he has been gone forever for some reason. It will be cool to see him when I get home.
I love you guys a ton! Hope you all have a great week!
-Love Elder Rasmussen

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