Monday, December 8, 2014

8 December 2014

Hello Everyone!
This week was an awesome week! Elder Edwards and I are doing great here in Sheridan, Wyoming. We have been able to see a lot of success in our area this past week and are able to see how the Lord is blessing us with opportunities to teach and meet new people.   In our last meeting one of the people we're blessed to work with told us she knew that the Book of Mormon was true, which was a great thing to hear. She is super solid in the faith and now just needs to take that last leap of faith into baptism! I'm so excited for her and for all these good people and for the blessings that they will begin to see should they choose to be baptized. Another one of the people investigating the church is coming to services every week and said she knows now that she wants this in her life and knows it will bless her. I'm so happy for all the progress she has been making and it is sweet to be able to see her faith continue to grow and her knowledge of the gospel as well. When we go over for lessons she can pretty much teach them to us which a really cool thing to experience.  A couple of other good people are also doing well so we feel very blessed right now to be working with such wonderful people.
We ran into a nice brother at McDonald's the other day, we started talking to him and said he wouldn't mind if we stopped by.  We stopped by one night and they (he and his brother) were watching a football game. We asked if it would be a good time to teach him and he said, "Ah man, not right and my brother are smoking and drinking, so not right we are watching the game!" My companion said, "Dang!...we better let you go then, we wouldn't want to interrupt the game!"  We asked when a good time to come back would be and after giving his response his brother said, "Yeah, and you guys can come help us move a couch too!" Then he proceeded to say, "We are all God's children, he loves all of us...even that little white kid back there!" (Pointing at me). We all just laughed and told him we would stop by another time. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet with him yet but I'm hoping that we will be able to soon!
Something really crazy happened the other night, we went over to a member's house and started eating dinner when one of their kids started choking on a piece of fatty bacon. His dad ran over to him and tried the Heimlich but I don't know how well it worked the kid eventually just threw it up, that's when the dog proceeded to eat what he threw up! That's my crazy story for the week. =)
It feels kind of weird being on a mission during Christmas time.
The holidays so far haven't felt different/special the way they used to because our days are so much the same as missionaries.  It's also very hard to contact people because everyone is with their families and don't really want to be bothered. I'm thinking Christmas will be more fun for us though. I'm excited to be able to talk to everyone! When you said that all you want to do when it gets cold outside is eat and hibernate it reminded me of that sign Caitlin and I saw that said "Don't feed the Mom" I got a good chuckle out of it!
1) Yeah, I got the advent calendar! It's fun to see what the item of the day is.  I have enjoyed all of them so far.
2) Yes, we did get to watch the First Presidency Devotional; it was really good! A member invited us over and we watched it on their projector which is huge so it was pretty sweet! 
3) My shirts are great I have only ironed them like twice. Once when I first got to Sheridan and another time because I left them in the dryer. They only get wrinkled if I don't hang them up right away.
I'm pretty sure that Austin is going over to the Anderson's so hopefully we will be able to call at separate times so that he can talk to both Jacob and me. Let me know if you find out when Jacob is calling and I will do my best to call before or after that. The member's that invited us over are having us for dinner So I would guess that I will be later in the day, but I'm not entirely sure. I love you guys a ton! I'm getting excited to talk to y'all.
-Love Elder Rasmussen

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