Monday, August 18, 2014

18 August 2014

Today is the 18th of August, in the year two-thousand, and fourteen. I write these things according to the events that have taken place in the last week of my young, and back free of pain life. Ha, I'm just kidding...ain't nobody got time for writing an entire letter in scriptural language.
So from what I have been hearing, it sounds like Caitlin and Bryce, make a pretty funny pair at the moment. Two cripples in love until the end!! I knew they were good for each other right from the start. Bryce, it was good to see that you are still using the Hot-Booties, and have maintained a sense of humor. Keep strong, my zombie killing companion, and one day we shall rid the world of the viral undead!!  Good to know that besides Caitlin being sick, and Bryce being incapable of walking, that the rest of you are all doing well.
So, there are a few things I have noticed about people here in Wyoming.  The good folks of Wyoming:  own a truck (as it should be!), a trailer of some sort, guns--usually more than 3 (one guy had 4 just in his truck alone), if male--a bolo tie, if female--turquoise/Native American jewelry, cowboy hats and boots--of course, a dog, or multiple dogs, a majestic deer or elk head/rack hanging from a prominent wall in the home, big belt buckles, ATVs, a camper, and lots of Republican "stuff" (don't even mention Obama-Care to them or anything Democratic for that matter, although it's a great way to get the old crazy people all riled up--I feel like Dad when he messes with Aunt Diane and Aunt Marie, YAW!), and they say Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdee etc. And that, my friends, will pretty much sum up the Wyoming lifestyle. These are good, kind, salt of the earth people and I am enjoying them immensely.  There is, of course, much more, but I've no time to write about it this week.
Thanks for the music, it's great, and my companion has already asked to get some of it from me. Apparently, Dad has good taste in music. 
I am having fun! Some days are better than others, of course, and it's not the same kind of fun as playing video games/hanging with my buds, but it is fun! I can tell fall is on its way which makes me a little sad, leaves are starting to turn color and the air is cooling down. But other than that, I'm doing great!
I'll have you all know that I have gained 7 pounds already (In muscle, I might  add) the members here sure do feed me well. I'm sad to report that I pulled "a Noah" and lost a new item--I lost  my CTR ring already =(, only Noah could lose something so new so fast! I never took it off hoping to avoid that very thing, but did remove it to do some service one day and I'm thinking it fell out of my pocket, on to the ground, which causes me great sadness :(. I'm going to go back and check the member's house--around the flower beds where I was pulling weeds. Hopefully I can find it. Speaking of Noah, it be hard for me old ears to hear that he is going into the 11th grade! It still feels like I'm a junior in high school myself.  My Junior year, even though it was my hardest, was my favorite year of high school, so enjoy it, Noah!
We did a ton of service this week; we moved 4 families which took up a lot of our time. One family had huge oak furniture that weighed a ton and was ridiculously difficult to get through their tiny doorways. Never sweated so badly in my life! We didn't teach much this week, but it's a great feeling to know that you helped someone out, and you can defiantly tell that it makes their day!
I think that's it for this time; thanks so much for the letters and packages, they are sweet! I wouldn't mind getting some more pink wintergreen mints...I downed those things!  I normally drink water and kool-aid these days, now that I have to be more careful with my spending, and so my favorite nectar (Mountain Dew), sounds really good every once and awhile.  Love, Elder Rasmussen.

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