Monday, August 11, 2014

11 Aug 2014

Things continue to progress here in the life of Erik. 

1) I got the bike! The handle bars are screwed up a little bit; over time they start to turn so they aren't facing the same way as the bike. We tried to fix the issue but it seems to be beyond our abilities so we may have to take it in. Other than that it's great!

2) I also now have a pillow—a ward member gave me a brand new one. When I got here I was like, “Crap I don't have a pillow!” and so I was sleeping on a very hard sofa cushion (note from Tony--really Erik?!?…even Sheridan, WY has a Walmart.  Insert parental head shaking here).  We went over to a ward member’s house for dinner and they were like, “Do either of you need a pillow? Our son took one with him and now we don't have a matching set.” I don't know what that really means, but I took it and was grateful for it.  It was still in the little slip/cover thing that they come in so that was cool…it had no previous sleepers. Yes, another answered prayer

3) I’ve got the Laundry thing down and I actually kind of like doing it. Not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the smell.  

4) No hay fever problems here so far. 

I must admit, I'm way happy that I don't have to go to school this fall!!!!

In town here, there is this guy that refers to himself as “Saint Hercster.”  He is a funny, crazy man.  He loves to talk to the missionaries and states his mission in life is to “bust dirty cops, faulty preachers, and baby rapers.” We have some great quotes from this guy! 

The other day my companion and I were riding our bikes, and we went down this SUPER steep hill; it was way fun to go down. My companion was pretty far a head of me (cause he weighs more and has no handle bar issues) and as he neared a parked car at the bottom, a lady opened the passenger side door and almost took him out. It was way funny to see him swerve out of the way to dodge it.  Startled by what almost happened, the lady started screaming. Oh man, I was laughing so hard the rest of the way down the hill.

The first week I was here, we met up with this guy who is investigating the church. He is in the U.S. Army and asked us if we wanted to do military physical training with him. I was thinking, “NONBHN (not only no, but heck no)!” But the other Elders in our district were like, "Oh Yeah! Let's do it!” So we went and can I just say, it sucked! We did all sorts of pyramid training sets. Then we did sprints which is what finished me off. After that, he wanted to do one more rotation. We were like,  “Sorry dude, no freaking way.” I laid on the ground and felt SUPER sick. I couldn't even get up, so this other Elder that also felt sick, stayed with me while our companions went and got the car. When I stood up to get in the car, everything was super blurry and my hands and feet were numb. I got in the car, we started driving, and I had to have my companion pull over. Yeah, I "tossed a heevy," as I like to say.  It was Wendy’s, and it didn't taste so good coming back up. After that, I just started laughing and so did everyone else. Good stuff right there!   Don't worry about me, I'm fine and now do two rotations every day. I hope to get SWOLE as the kids say these days.

We had the baptism and it was awesome! Things went very well and she is doing awesome!! When we taught her about the word of wisdom, she went inside, grabbed her coffee maker, and said, "Well I guess I won't be needing this anymore." Ha!

My testimony continues to grow every day, and I am able to see the Lord's hand in so many things more and more each day.

Mom/Dad, please send me any family history work you know of.  We get allotted an hour of family history work each week and I don't have anything to work on yet. Speaking of family and it’s a small world after all, I met some distant cousins…the Slaughters.  Our great-great grandparents were siblings (Enoch and Ellen Melissa Rasmussen Slaughter).

Well that's all for this week, tune in next time.

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