Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 October 2014

Hola, Mi Familia!

It is once again a pleasure to hear from you.  Yeah, things are starting to cool down here and the wind is really starting to pick up.  It’s becoming rainy and cloudy almost everyday now.  Now that General Conference has passed, the suit coat rule is in place (we have to wear our suit coats every day until the April General Conference).  Not a fan of the suit coat, but hey…I’m on a mission and you gotta do what you gotta do.

For once, I really enjoyed General Conference.  I know many people look at it as “more church” but for us missionaries, its a welcome change and break. I can't even tell you how nice it was to sit back and relax for 4 hours a day while someone else teaches you! We watched every single session…which I don’t recall ever having done before (mission field confession). We watched the Saturday morning session at a member's house, and the mother of the family taught us how to crochet—so I can do that now, kind of.  We watched the afternoon session at the church and it was just my companion and I, so we got the whole place to ourselves and it was really nice. We then watched the Sunday morning session at a less active member's house, and then watched the afternoon session at our Y.S.A. Branch President’s house so we were all over the place. It was really neat to hear the people talk in their native tongues. I thought that they would have subtitles on screen as well and was a little disappointed that they had the English guy voice-over the speaker. The best was the brother who spoke Mandarin Chinese…I was having a hard time listening to the actual message because I just wanted to listen to his freaking sweet language. I instantly thought of Caitlin, waving her hands back and forth, teasing me that I love all things Asian.

Cort got a new job? What does he do? I feel bad for baby Noah having to work all night..haha not really—about time that kid started doing some work =). I don't see how he can carry a vacuum around when he can't even push a lawn mower! But hey, I guess if he is able to do it, good for him. Has the bathroom been a disaster since I left? And his room? I think about that every P-Day while I clean.  I just think, “Man, that room is going to be a huge mess without me there and now there is even more room for Noah to buy stuff and put all over the place.” He is going to need 10 storage boxes to hold all his stuff when he leaves on his mission.

Dang, Caitlin! Getting that baby bump and what not.  Ha! I’ve long felt like her first baby was going to be a girl, but cool if it is a boy—when I get back I can teach him how to do fun things like play video games. (Get that boy loving video games and then Caitlin will have to deal with them her whole life! Muhahaha! =).
I got an email from Jackson Walker who is in the Detroit Michigan Mission and he is in Flint, which is the murder capital of the world.  I was just thinking to myself, “Boy, am I very glad I'm in peaceful Sheridan Wyoming. I could not handle going somewhere like that.”

Transfers are coming up soon and I’ll admit, I’m a bit nervous about the thoughts of leaving.  The ward members and other missionaries all say that I'll stay and it will be my companion who moves on.  We’ll see. 

I love you guys!

Elder Rasmussen

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