Monday, October 27, 2014

27 October 2014

It's always a happening time here in Sheridan!

Ah man, I remember Friday Halloweens were the best because they took up the whole day at school so you didn't have to do any work.  You just partied all day and then went home and got more candy! It was fantastic!  Plus, you could stay out late because you didn't have school the next day. Those were the days! Reminds me of the year Jacob, Austin, and I went trick-or-treating and we were like 15-16 (even though our mommies told us we were too old). When we stopped at the Bennett’s house, Mrs. Bennett gave candy to Jacob and me because we looked like we were 11, but she wouldn't give any to Austin cause she thought he was 17!  Hahahahaha! We had some good laughs at that—at least Jacob and I did, Austin was not too happy. So far, we don't have any special rules for Halloween. My companion said that last Halloween they tried to talk to people but no one was having any of it; and in fact got mad when they opened the door and found out it was missionaries and not kids. I believe that it will be a regular proselyting day until 6 pm, and after that we have a dinner appointment with a ward member family and they have invited us to also carve pumpkins so we are pretty excited about that.

THAT’S A JOKE! OF COURSE CARLTON WOULD BE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS WHILE I'M GONE!! He is like my idol and with Whitney...ah man..don't even get me started on her!   This is a cruel joke. They better win! I mean, how can you beat those dance move he does!?! That is outstanding that he did his dance to “It's not unusual" by Tom Jones. I will certainly want to watch that when I get home!

Yeah, the Meet the Mormon's movie has been a huge thing in our mission. We are encouraging all of the ward member's to invite their friends to see it. I was actually going to ask if you guys had seen it yet. I hear it is really good, and the beginning is funny. We aren't aloud to watch it in theaters but we will be able to see it in November during a private screening.

It is crazy to think that by the time I get home Apple will probably be releasing the iPhone 8, which is baffling. I have seen the I phone 6 and it didn't look very different to me so I haven't been all that impressed from what I have seen. 

I had one of the best experiences the other day, a member went hunting and shot a deer. Well, his knee is broken (he is the only guy I know who would go hunting by himself with a broken knee) and needed some help packing it that's what we did. Drove up the mountain and hiked around until we found him (he called us from his cell and explained to us where he was).  After we found him, Elder Johnson and this other kid that came with us (who was a family friend) took turns doing the fireman carry with the body. I got to carry the head up the mountain so that was pretty cool. First time that I have ever held a dead deer head..and let me just tell you, that thing was as cold as a dead deer! =) I named the head Melvin and everyone got a kick out of that.  On the way up the mountain, his tongue popped out so that just made it all the better. We had to hike up a really steep mountain side (because he shot the deer in a valley, which made things difficult) in the dark, so it took almost an hour and a half to get it out. Boy, I will tell you though, I felt like a mountain man carrying that thing up the steep incline…working to feed my family, who was stashed away in a cozy log cabin somewhere.  Ha! That was my big adventure for the week. We then went up this morning and helped him pack the rest of his gear out, so I will post some pictures. Elder Johnson and I also were able to lure a cat into our apartment with a laser pointer. Once it was in, we closed the door and played with it for like 5 minutes and then let it out. It was a pretty cool cat. 

I love you guys! Thanks for the packages and tell Caitlin and Bryce thanks for the PEZ!

-Love Elder Rasmussen

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