Thursday, June 11, 2015

8 June 2015 - Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear people back home:

This week, unlike last week, was very uneventful. Not a whole lot happened and it seemed that all of our lessons cancelled for various reasons, but that's okay, I'm staying positive. My companion and I are struggling to know what God wants us to do here because it seems that every time we try something, it ends up falling through. Marshall has been a frustrating area for me, but I have learned a ton since I have been here.  I have been tried and tested in more ways than I thought would be possible. 

Well, I'm now 20 years old which doesn't seem real. Still feels like I'm 16 and most people say I still look like I'm 15, so I guess that's a good thing? Today for our P-Day and my birthday, we were invited to spend some time with some church members in one of the nearby towns in our area.  It should be pretty fun, a whole lot more fun than doing nothing new in Marshall!

Hey, thank you so much for sending the package! It really brightened my day and gave me some extra treats to chomp down on. The only complaint I have about the package was all of the freaking stars confetti that was in there. Those things are pokey and really hurt when your feet gets jabbed by one. I made the mistake of opening it on my bed so I was getting impaled all night by those things; they were stuck in everything too, so each time I opened one of the wrapped gifts, stars and "Happy Birthday" pieces of confetti kept falling out. I doubt we will ever be able to suck them all up in the vacuum.  

The Pokemon t-shirt you sent is legit!! I think my companion is pretty jealous ;)...he stared at it forever just laughing and saying how sweet it is. I hope I get the chance to wear it somewhere other than around the house some time!

Answers to Mom's Questions:

1) My hay fever has been alright, certain days are better than others--all the farming in this area seems to make the days that I do have problems terrible though!

2) I wear short sleeved shirts more than long sleeved--too humid and hot for long sleeves. I don't think either version really shows more wear and tear but I guess if you want to send more, I'd pick the long sleeves because the cuffs get really dirt.  Ironing?....if you take them right out of the dryer and hang them up they look good, but  otherwise, yes,  you have to do a little ironing but for the most part these "no iron" shirts are awesome!

3) Haha Mom, this is Marshall Minnesota we are talking about, there is nothing like Swig soda shops here.  The only thing we have out here is BK and DQ  and one gas station. Although that Mountain Dew with tigers blood sounds amazing!

Tell Bishop Jon Frank I say hello and that I'm doing great! Also, thank him for not giving up on me and encouraging me to go to Young Men's and stay active! I wish I would have done better. My leaders always made it a point to make Young Mens more fun and I probably missed out on a lot! 

I love you guys a ton. Also, tell the Spencer's I will be writing them soon! Have a great week!

Elder Rasmussen

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